Located in the Plaza de República de Ecuador, Itzac opens its doors in the same space where Mexico Lindo was inaugurated in 1959 in order to continue the lineage, culture and tradition of what was the first Mexican restaurant in Madrid.


The interior design is a faithful reflection of the tradition contained in the attractive menu of this new culinary offer in the capital.




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A great challenge that involved completely transforming the old premises, based on a novel proposal that has given rise to a unique space, with an impressive bar area with an exclusive design, where the bottles of the renowned Mexican beer Corona / Coronita play a starring role that anticipates the experience in which visitors are about to immerse themselves.


The kitchen area is open to the living room and exudes an avant-garde style that is completed with a very chic contemporary Mexican touch. The result is a space full of light in which to feel at home, where the elegance of an environment in neutral tones stands out, dotted with touches of color, which allows you to enjoy the environment at any time of the day, moving from a more relaxed environment to a more festive one, for those who wish to prolong their experience and enjoy the exquisite cocktail proposal offered by this new and promising commitment to Aztec food.

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