The new angels


The new angels

It is a project that respects the environment, oriented towards the construction of a desirable urbanization to live and visit. The intention is that the houses blend in with nature and respect green spaces through passive / positive architecture. A place to preserve and improve health and well-being through growth management, the provision of adequate public services and the protection of natural resources.


As they are prefabricated houses, the expensive artisanal construction process is eliminated to change it for industrial manufacturing and installation processes. We want to achieve a lower impact of construction on the environment, with natural barriers between the division of houses and integrated common spaces. They have a wooden surround and veneer and smoked glass cladding where the surroundings can be reflected. We look for materials that are harmonious with the environment.

They are homes that have extra insulation, surrounding thermal current, solar panels, thermally controlled glass, low primary energy and home automation control. Made in detail to improve adaptability to the environment and a previous study of slopes and topography that allows identifying the characteristics of the implanted volumes to provide the best solutions to each of the homes. We want to create an accessible luxury, a new concept for a public that wants to enjoy a unique space in nature a very short time from Madrid

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